the best modular solutions WinPro product overview

WinPro stays ahead of its competitors, thanks to its flexibility and is computing power. Resellers, craftsmen, enterprises, industrial groups: WinPro brings you the best evolutive solutions for selling, designing, producing and delivering your windows.


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Solution for independant resellers

Solution for profile suppliers

Solution for small to medium size companies

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General features

An accessible and logical solution, tailored for windows and doors fabricators.

One of the key features of WinPro is the flexibility of its formula driven configurator, which allows for an extremely precise control of all conditions for using each and every component used to produce a window.

These formula are easily accessible to any person with a good knowledge of window production.

Manage your sales points.

Manage your sales network, speed up the processing of your quotations with WinPro/D.

WinPro drives all your machinery.

WinPro manages any kind of machinery, from the smallest saw to the most sophisticated production line:

Saws, welders, corner cleaners, milling centers, window production lines, pantographs, …


Dynamically design windows with WinPro

Save time when you create quotations, thanks to the accuracy of WinPro.

All characterics selected by the user (type of window, colour, options, configuration) trigger instantly computations :

Cost price, selling price, technical feasability, thermal  coefficient computation, glazing dimensions, profile cut an millings, labour, fittings, accessories.

Your cost prices are computed with perfect accuracy thanks to the precision and power of the WinPro computation engine.

WinPro manages inventory with accuracy, as well as just in time material supplies.


mySQL database engine: powerful, fast and reliable.

  • mySQL database engine has won a world wide reputation thanks to its qualities.
  • mySQL provides the speed and stablity that WinPro demands.
  • mySQL handles the huge amounts of data your activity requests.
  • mySQL is compatible with mySQL 5.0 to 5.5.

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