the ideal solution for aluminium window fabricators

You produce aluminium doors and windows, you are looking for a comprehensive software solution for your activity :

  • Control your purchases of materials (just in time)
  • Manage all your colours (standard or RAL, mono- or bicoloured, …)
  • Value your RAL wastes
  • Drive all your milling centers (Dubus, Elumatec, Emmegi, …)

Discover WinPro, the ideal solution for aluminium window fabricators !

Your job : ALUMINIUM

Keep your production costs under control.

Purchasing materials requires an efficient inventory management and must take into account your own delivery constraints.

Your production costs have to be under control : profile optimization, automated millings, deliveries, …

Reduce yout production constraints

Manage efficiently RAL colours, handle varnishing of your profiles, …

Be competitive on your market with controlled costs – stay ahead of your competitors.

WinPro solutions : key advantages

Move forward with WinPro

One key advantage of WinPro is its ability to reflect your know how. Be independant from any supplier!

Another advantage is WinPro’s flexible and comprehensive handling of RAL colours.

All combinations are handled in WinPro :

  • RAL varnished or unvarnished profiles with inventory management, and varinshing in house or by a subcontractor
  • Management of profile assembly, with thermal breaks
  • Multi length optimization with up to 6 standard profile lengths

Talk about WinPro with your supplier.
A number of WinPro profile and fitting suppliers can provide you with ready to use WinPro data.

Machine Drivers

WinPro drives all your machinery for aluminium

You wish to manage all your production line, WinPro can drive any machine from the smallest saw to the most sophisticatec CNC line.

Saws and Milling centers :
Dubus, Elumatec, Emmegi, FOM …

Discover your WinPro solution for ALUMINIUM windows and doors