the ideal solution for uPVC window manufacturers

PVC window producers, you are looking for a comprehensive software solution for your activity :

  • Control your margins
  • Underline the thermal performance of your products
  • Optimize your production flow
  • Drive efficiently all your uPVC production lines (Dubus, Urban, Soenen, Schirmer, …)

Discover WinPro, the ideal solution for uPVC window fabricators !

Your uPVC craft

Be innovative and stay on top !

From sales to delivery, through machine driving, the flexibility of WinPro supports your creativity.

In a market getting more competitive each day, you have to prove different from your competitors. You must:

  • propose innovative products on a regular basis
  • improve your services
  • reduce your costs
  • provide windows with the thermal
  • performance your customers expect to save energy.

Does your current software setup support all this?

Your software must be able to support your sales as well as your productivity; it needs to be flexible and evolutive.
WinPro performs all the tasks you expect, efficiently and flawlessly.

WinPro solutions : key advantages

WinPro integrates your know-how and keeps up with your technology.

Flexibility and accuracy : each customer benefits from WinPro.
  • Your quotations and your sales points are managed with flexibility, but still let you enforce your own commercial and technical rules.
  • Your production is managed accurately, flows are optimized (production planning, profile optimization, delivery planning, …).
  • Your inventory is managed accurately, rigorously and anticipatedly.
Your products evolve, WinPro resolves :
  • bicoloured profiles
  • computation of steel reinforcement
  • computation of thermal performance accounting for any combination of sash and casement profiles, transoms, steel, glazings, warm edges.
  • computation of any milling, with linking to your uPVC CNC machinery, for a paperless, automated factory.

Machine drivers

WinPro pilote toutes vos machines pour PVC

You want to manage all of your production lines: WinPro can drive any machine, from the smallest CNC saw to fully automated prodution lines.

(Roty, Rapid PCE 5000, Wegoma, Pertici Scarabeo, Emmegi, Elumatec, Rotox, Stürtz, Parclose, Stürtz …)
(Urban , Soenen, Elumatec, Sturtz , Hollinger, …)
(BJM, Dubus, Elumatec, FOM, Murat, Parveau, Rotox, Soenen, Schirmer , Sturtz, Thorwesten, Urban, …)
(Technorop, Dubus, Federhenn,…)
(Dubus, AJS, Urban,Elumatec)
(Dubus, Lemuth,..)


Discover WinPro X, your solution for uPVC