the ideal solution for timber
and composite window fabricators

Your job: a passion for wood !

You wish to find a complete solution that values your know-how.​

  • Create easily accurate and safe quotations.
  • Produce windows with any geometry (basket han, ogive, free shape, …)
  • Automate your fitting orders (Roto, Maco, GU-Ferco, Siegenia , Winkhaus, …)
  • Drive your CNC machines with no compromise (Biesse, CML, CMS, Dubus, Homag, SAC Sueri, Saomad, SCM, Weinig, …)

Discover WinPro, the ideal solution for timber and composite window fabricators !

Your job : TIMBER

TIMBER and COMPOSITE window production is evolving constantly and swiftly.

Sell, produce, control, manage factory… Your know-how is no longer enough!

Your customers expect accurate and detailed quotations, no matter the size of your company.
Improve sales and factory management, optimize and control costs, are today’s requirements.
WinPro proposes a full set of solutions to ease the evolution of your company : sales, design, production, delivery, invoicing …

WinPro solutions : key advantages

Set up and start in a few hours, this is now possible !

We provide a standard database for timber windows, to make simpler starting with WinPro: fixed and variable sections, optimized trapezoidal sections for arches, pre-cut sections, …

You can start to quote and produce in just a few hours…  

Constant evolution : Of course, you can personnalize this database, or create another one, to match all your specific needs: timber, timber-aluminium, shutters, inside doors, outside doors, …

Machine drivers

WinPro pilote toutes vos machines pour le BOIS et le BOIS MIXTE

You want to manage all your production lines: WinPro handles the smallest saw as well as the most sophisticated CNC production line.
(Dubus, Weinig, Dimter, Omga …)
(Dubus, SAC F 5 – F 60 – F300, SAOMAD, SCM Windoor 60, …)
(SAC – Hexagon, Biesse Uniwin, CMS, SAOMAD – ROTOWOOD)
(SCM Routech, Biesse Rover – RoverA – Rover C, Biesse Uniwin, Simal, Masterwood, Homag)
(Biesse-Rover, CMS, Dubus,Simal, Masterwood, Homag, SCM-Routech)


Discover WinPro 10 your solution for TIMBER and COMPOSITE windows