the turn key solution for your network of manufacturers

Provide yout customers with a turn key software solution.

WinPro PARTNER allows you to efficiently support your fabricators network in a winning synergy.

It integrates high perfomande solutions for sales and production of windows createdexclusively with your own profiles (uPVC, aluminium, timber, roller shutters).

WinPro PARTNER, the solution for profile suppliers and their customers

You will love the ease with which you will update your prices and your technical databases, and you will appreciate the normalisation of your customer orders.

Your customers will appreciate using a clear and acurate tool, with all the needed functionnality to support their sales, design and production of door, windows and roller shutters.

Your technical norms are guaranteed to be applicated faithfully thanks to the accuracy of WinPro’s configurator.

They will benefit from the technical and commercial qualities of your profiles (PVC, aluminium, timber).

WinPro PARTNER, key advantages

Support your fabricators with a high performance software tool, which inenforces your technical and commercial rules.

Create: quotations, orders, invoices, production forms, optimization labels, glazing orders, etc 

You manage a single technical database for all of your customers. You are the only one who can update this database.

Make your reseller’s life easier: give them a high technology, accurate quotation tool that reflects your know how.

You save time updating your price lists and technical rules.

Create quotations quickly, safely and accurately, conforming to the rules of your profile supplier.

You maintain a safe communication between you and your customers.

Personalize your tehnical parameters:  welding, corners, … drive your saws and your milling centers.

You centralize on your servers a single common technical database for all your customers, for online as well as offline updates.

Save time with a turn key software setup tuned by your profile supplier.

You expand safely your commercial network.

Performance withour compromise

From sales to production, perform better with WinPro.

Thermal norms

The inescapable norm !


  • clear and professional quotations
  • orders
  • measurement sheets
  • factory documents
  • optimization labels
  • delivery slips
  • invoices, …

Provide convincing quotations with thermal dissipation coefficients (Uw et Udn) for each window, in compliance with the European norm.

Create, print and send supplier orders directly from WinPro PARTNER. Compute needed material for any specific customer orders.

  • profile orders
  • commandes gammistes,
  • fitting orders
  • glazing orders

Configure your selling prices :

  • margin on cost price
  • cost of RAL profile wastes
  • discounts
  • create and print price lists, …

WinPro PARTNER connects your factory.

Drive all your machinery, from the smallest saw to the most sophisticated production line :
Saws, welders, corner cleaners, milling centers, window production lines, pantographs, …

WinPro PARTNERcomputes accurately the thermal coefficient for any window configuration

  • detailed computation bill
  • any sash configuration
  • fixed sashes
  • imposts
  • composed windows
  • double windows
  • roller shutters
  • all transoms (in outer frames or in sashes)
  • doors
  • door thresholds
  • kaltefeinds
  • ventilators
For any profile, steel inserts, glazing, warm edge combination.

WinPro PARTNER, The software your customers have been waiting for!



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