We rely on a highly experienced team in the field of exterior wood, PVC and aluminum joinery, as well as on an extensive knowledge of the different joinery systems used in Europe.

In order to ensure an optimal installation and use of your WinPro solution, we offer a training service tailored to your needs. We offer various training formulas:

  1. Individual training on site at the customer’s premises
  2. Individual training in our WinPro training center in Gosselies
  3. Group seminars in our premises when new versions are released.

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Specific parameter settings

Be autonomous! Keep the hand on your technical parameter settings

We offer a training service to the parameter settings together with a service of parameter settings to measure of WinPro.

The training service to the parameter settings allows you to learn creating and modifying yourself, in complete autonomy, your technical parameter settings of carpentry.

We also offer a parameter settings service that allows us to realise specific parameter settings on basis of your specifications.

These services guarantee our customers a fast start of the WinPro project to allow you, in complete autonomy, to make your technical data evolve according to your future needs.
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Piloting machine

From the numerical saw to the totally automated production line, WinPro pilots all your machines.

WinPro allows you to run your whole production lines.

We develop your driver machines on basis of the machine protocol and your specificities, in order to optimise your production cycles.

Saws, welding machines and corner cleaners, milling centers, production lines of windows, pantograph – CNC, …


Specific development

You need a solution to measure that perfectly adapts itself to your needs

WinPro has a specialised programmers team that is at your disposal to realise all the specific developments according to your specifications.

We collaborate together to bring an adapted solution to your needs and offer you a better profitability and efficacy in your management and production.

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Technical assistance on site

Our technical service is at your disposal

You have a new project, (new range of carpentry, new tooling center,…), do not hesitate to call the technical service to obtain a personalised advice or a technical support on site!

Consult us, our specialised team is at you disposal.

Online support

We want to improve your activity

You have questions, you need an additional support, a quick reply or an advice to get ahead with your WinPro project…

Do not hesitate to contact our technical service Online, our advises are at your disposal to offer you an optimal support.

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A good investment starts from a good evaluation in the field: we can do it!

The audit service allows you to have a precise view of your needs and to offer you the WinPro solution that better fit your expectations.

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Software update

We want to take part to your growth

WinPro propose you to adhere to the contract of standard evolution so that you can update your version of the WinPro software.

So you can benefit from the incorporated technological advances in standard in WinPro and access the new modules that allow you to meet the new technical norms in effect.
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