the ideal solution for roller shutter fabricators

You are a roller shutter producer, you are looking for a complete solution for your activity :

  • Create accurate quotations for any kind of roller shutters
  • Configure all types of options (handling, motors, blades, …)
  • Create supplier orders automatically.

Discover WinPro, the ideal solution for roller shutter fabricators !


Energy savings: close the shutter !

oller shutters are an ideal solution to meet the demand for energy savings, thanks to the additional thermal isolation they provide. Show your customers how much more thermal isolation your roller shutters provide, with WinPro’s thermal coefficient computation.

WinPro allows you to provide to your customer a quick but acurate quotation, including a computation of the combined thermal coefficient of your roller shutter and the associated window (Udn)

As a fabricator you need to be perform better every day. WinPro can be a key of your performance !

WinPro solutions : Key advantages

WinPro provides a lot of possibilities to roller shutter and sectional doors fabricators
WinPro’s roller shutter module brings the same facilites as its windows module. Both modules can work together or independantly from one another. Your salesmen and professional customers will apreciate its ease of use :
  • Preconfigured libraries
  • Multi shutter computation
  • Automatic and controlled choice of electric motorization
Expand your sales network:
  • distribute your database and sales price tables to your professional customers.
  • Get complete control over the technical feasability of your roller shutters, from quotation to production.

Discover WinPro solution for ROLLER SHUTTERS