Improve your sales force with WinPro/D

Turn key QUOTATION software to your resellers.

WinPro/D helps your resellers sell more efficiently.

Improve the efficiency of your sales network

Your own network

WinPro/D provides your own sales service as well as your resellers with the software tool they need to increase their sales.

With WinPro/D they can create quotations and send you EDI orders that you can directly integrate in your production.

Resellers / installators

Selecting a fabricator who uses WinPro/D guarantees a profitable partnership that will last. With WinPro/D, your fabricator brings you the software solution that you need to increase your profitability:

  •  create quick, detailed  and accurate quotations
  •  control automaticaly the feasability of the windows you sell, and their compliance to the production rules of your supplier
  •  send EDI orders directly to your supplier, for faster and errorless processing.

Be more competitive, ask your supplier for WinPro/D.

WinPro/D, key advantages

Keep your resellers loyal by providing them a high performance software tool.
Create quick, accurate and highly detailed  quotations.
Maintain a safe communication link with your resellers network.

Control automatically the conformance to your supplier’s rules of the windows you sell.

Help your resellers selling better with an accurate quotation tool that complies to your production rules.

Provide convincing quotations, complete with thermal dissipation coefficient (Uw et Udn) , for each window, and in compliance to the European norms.

Multi lingual solution, sell your windows without any limitation.

Compute automatically and exactly the selling and buying price of any window configuration, even for the most complicated windows.

Centralize your resellers databases on your own server, with a single shared  technical database, with WINPRO/D Internet version.

Keep your pricing always updated by your supplier.

Import automatically your resellers orders without any need to re-enter anything.

Send EDI orders to your supplier.

WinPro/D in detail

Improved sales force with WinPro/D
How does it work?

WinPro (*) can generate a commercial, encrypted database for your customers.

WinPro/D controls the time limit for the use of this database.

WinPro/D can work offline as well as online.

(* available for any WINPRO version: CORPORATE, FACTORY, PARTNER, TRADE)

Get further with your sales network…
WinPro/D is interfaced with specialized software

We have linked WinPro/D to other quotation software such as Lola by Solis-SystemProDevis  and e-Quantis by Elcia.

Through this link these softwares can use WinPro/D  to compute windows complying completely to the suppliers rules (price, drawings, thermal coefficients, EDI orders, …)




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