Software solution for small to medium size factories

From small shops to large factories, Winpro adapts to your needs

WinPro FACTORY provides all the needed functionnality to help you sell and produce doors, windows and shutters, no matter your company size.

Thanks to its highly parametrizable configurator, WinPro FACTORY can be matched exactly your work organization, and apply your own technical and commercial rules.

WinPro integrates high performance solutions for the production management of any kind of door and window (timber, uPVC, aluminimu, roller shutters).

WinPro FACTORY helps you expand your sales network and automate the creation and management of quotations.

Performance without compromise

From sales to production, be more efficient with WinPro.

From sales to production:
  • clear and professional quotations
  • unique enter of information (no need to entre again for production)
  • quotation management
  • order administration
  • production, purchases, inventory management
  • connection to other enterprise softwares (accounting, ERP, …)

Sales price configuration :

  • margin on cost price
  • imported price lists
  • RAL wastes valorisation
  • discount management
  • create and print price lists

WinPro connects to all of your machinery.

Drive any machine, from the smallest saw to the most sophisticated production line :
Saws, welders, corner cleaners, milling centers, hindge installers, window production lines, pantographs

Validate automatically the technical feasability of your windows

WinPro FACTORY takes into account all the selected options, to validates your quotations and orders on the fly when you enter them.
  • sales staff assistance
  • time saver and productivity booster
  • Start of production cycle

L’encodeur est guidé par des messages de conseil et d’impératifs techniques, un peu comme si chaque utilisateur était accompagné de son chef d’atelier.

Ce contrôle de faisabilité est un gain de temps très apprécié aussi bien par vos commerciaux que par vos clients professionnels.

Optimize your production and control your costs

WinPro FACTORY creates production batches and optimizes your production.
  • Creates production batches
  • EDI glazing orders
  • Profile optimization
  • Forecast inventory management

WinPro FACTORY lets you create production batches with filters: colour, profile type, window type, delevery area and date.

WinPro FACTORY creates EDI glazing orders.
Many available EDI formats (Pilkington, Synerglass, Saint Gobain, Albat+Wirsam , … )

WinPro FACTORY optimizes profiles cut.
It reduces your waste inventory and manages it.
It can optimize the same profile from several standard lengths.

No more unused inventory

Supplier orders, inventory updates, inventory forecasts.

WinPro FACTORY knows about even the smallest components of each window.

WinPro FACTORY creates, prints and sends your supplier orders. It can automatically generate the bill of materials and the corresponding supplier order for each customer order.

WinPro FACTORY automatically maintains your inventory : it automatically inputs received supplier orders and outputs components used in production.

WinPro FACTORY forecasts your inventory and creates automatic order proposals, based on all pending orders (supplier and customer), current inventory levels, and min/max inventory requirements.

WinPro FACTORY also manages:

  • inventory lists
  • inventory transfers
  • detailed histories
  • monthly usage hitory, …

Make a good impression

WinPro FACTORY prints all the documents you need :
  • quotations
  • orders
  • measurement sheets
  • glazing orders
  • supplier orders
  • factory documents
  • cut optimization labels
  • CE marks
  • inventory prints
  • delivery slips
  • invoices, …
Personnalized documents :
  • personnalize your document headers (logo, company name, address, …)
  • create and used predefined texts
  • select inner or outer view for your drawings
  • select individual discounts per window (up to 3 levels)
  • create and manage sets of option questions
  • control the price detail on your quotations:
    Split or group the price of accessories, glazings, roller shutters, discounts, net price, brutto price, …

Thermal norms

The inescapable norm!

Provide convincing quotations with thermal dissipation coefficients (Uw et Udn) for each window, in compliance with the European norm.

WinPro FACTORY computes accurately the thermal coefficient for any window configuration

  • detailed computation bill
  • any sash configuration
  • fixed sashes
  • imposts
  • composed windows
  • double windows
  • roller shutters
  • all transoms (in outer frames or in sashes)
  • door thresholds
  • kaltefeinds
  • ventilators

For any profile, steel inserts, glazing, warm edge combination.

Machine drivers

From saws to fully automated production lines, WINPRO drives all your machinery.


WinPro drives

your uPVC machines

WinPro pilote

your TIMBER machines

WinPro pilote

your ALUMINIUM machines



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